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First SeaQuest Dailies are up!

The first SeaQuest Dailies are now available in the videos section.


More coming soon!




SeaQuest VHS Dailies

We have recently acquired some VHS dailies of SeaQuest DSV season 1.


They will be progressively available in the videos section.


For more info, click here


Stay tuned!


Blvd of Broken Dreams

I added the blvd of broken dreams special in the interviews section.




Jonathan Brandis and I

Over the past few months I have been received emails addressed to Jon’s parents or even to the great man himself. Sadly, I am but a fan trying to do my part to preserve Jonathan’s legacy. I never met him(a fact I still regret to this day) nor do I know his parents.


I have been offered many sincere condolences for his loss and although I am immensely flattered, I feel I cannot accept them as I am just a fan.


If you feel a need to share your feelings, then please join us on the forum.


You’ll find a lot of people there who feel the same way about Jon as you do.




Jonathanfanboy, webmaster

Two came back!

I added Two came back to the films section.




Ladybugs fixed!

I corrected a glitch with Ladybugs part 3.




Stacy Haiduk Interview!

Here’s a special treat for all Jonathan Brandis and SeaQuest fans!


Stacy Haiduk recorded an interview for us. Listen to it here.




Good Morning Miss Bliss and Crossroads

I added Jon’s appearances in Good Morning Miss Bliss and Crossroads in the TV section.




New youtube tribute video

Watch my latest youtube tribute video for Jon here




Videos – Update

I’ve reorganized all the videos, interviews and commercials so that they now appear in alphabetical order.