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WordPress Updated

Hi All, I’ve updated WordPress to the latest version 🙂 Also, I have cleared out a number of spam comments/posts/messages so we don’t become a site advertising…unpleasant things. If you spot any problems, feel free to send us a message, you can do so here:


Site Software Updated

Hi All,

As usual I’ve been a busy bee and have upgraded WordPress, as well as the plugins, themes etc that were available.  I’ve browsed the site and tested everything that I could see, and found no errors.  However, if there are any problems that you come across, click on “Contact Us” in the Links section and let us know.  Thanks, and Happy Holidays everyone!

Site Updated

I’ve upgraded the software that runs the core website. The forums got upgraded last week. These updates address some bugs as well as patch security holes in the software. Please contact the webmaster or myself should there be anything not working 🙂 Thanks!