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Good Morning Miss Bliss and Crossroads

I added Jon’s appearances in Good Morning Miss Bliss and Crossroads in the TV section.




New youtube tribute video

Watch my latest youtube tribute video for Jon here




Site Updated

I’ve upgraded the software that runs the core website. The forums got upgraded last week. These updates address some bugs as well as patch security holes in the software. Please contact the webmaster or myself should there be anything not working 🙂 Thanks!

Videos – Update

I’ve reorganized all the videos, interviews and commercials so that they now appear in alphabetical order.




Bad Girls from Valley High

I added Bad Girls from Valley High in the films section.




Yamb tutorials fixed

I fixed the images in the yamb tutorials. The download link for yamb was also fixed.




The Year That Trembled

I added the Year that Trembled in the films section.





The website will be down Friday July 13th from 5:30am to 9:30am EDT approx. as the server is being moved.


Thanks for your patience!


New Videos

I added the Stepfather 2 along with some bonus material to the films section. I also added the Pacific Bell commercials Jon did.




The Gallery is fully restored

The gallery is now fully operational.


Thanks for your patience!